What we do

Pharmacy Professionals

The Society's work on behalf of the profession is guided by eight key objectives.

  • To provide advice, support and services to members to enable them to work at the top of their scope of practice.
  • To work in an integrated manner with all other health professionals funders and policy makers.
  • To support our members to address medicines management issues in high needs populations.
  • To drive and support innovation in pharmacy.
  • To work with other pharmacy organisations in a productive and cohesive and transparent manner.
  • To secure a sustainable relevant, pharmacist service framework that improves patient outcomes.
  • To grow and maintain the Society‚Äôs core business.
  • To develop the workforce appropriately.

Our member services below contribute to all of these objectives.


This work future proofs the profession politically and enables members to work in new, innovative and interesting ways.

The Intern Training Programme manages the future of the profession and the transition into the practice environment of over 200 interns each year.

ENHANCE is an accredited re-certification programme that records pharmacists' continuing professional development (CPD) and enables pharmacists to receive their Annual Practising Certificate from the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand
College Education and Training provides the latest accredited education and training courses for continuing education and professional services.
Our members receive individualised support which includes the Pharmacy Practice eHandbook, for comprehensive practice and regulatory advice.
We have free online access to reference databases, international journals and Pharmaceutical Press publications.
This premium marketing tool provides patient information about 41 different health conditions for use in pharmacies. Online learning is also provided for members of the programme, which contributes to ENHANCE CPD points.