College Courses

College Courses

How Are College Courses and Programmes Presented?

College Education and Training offers flexible learning formats to suit your requirements. You can choose to attend live audioconferences or webinars, or you may choose online courses where you can undertake learning in your own time.

Many courses have assessments attached to the learning. Passing the assessments will allow you to obtain ENHANCE Group 2 points.

Live Audioconferences/Webinars

Audioconferences and webinars are a great way to listen in and/or watch a presentation on a particular topic, backed up by additional reading material which gives you preparation and background information. Being able to attend live, provides you with the opportunity to ask questions from your own experience and practice, as well as get further clarification on an issue. If you can’t take part in the live audioconference or webinar, you can still purchase the online courses through our Resource and Learning Directory at a later date. Online courses will be made available after the live event. Audioconferences and webinars are generally one or two hours and the assessment predominantly consists of multi-choice questions.

Online Learning

Online learning is a great way to undertake your learning. College, Education and Training, is pleased to be able to bring to PSNZ members access to our online learning management system. Many College Education & Training courses can be accessed on demand through our Resource and Learning Directory and allows you to complete these courses in a time and place that suits you.

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All 8-12 week learning programmes will only be available at specified times throughout the year.


Programmes are more involved learning on a topic and the form of presentation may include an audioconference, webinars and/or workshops. The form of assessment tends to be a blend of assignments, multichoice questions, reflective learning or case studies so you can learn about the topic more in depth.


Some Programmes are presented in a workshop format, where participants attend a specific venue and participate in a training day. There are various reasons why a course may be run as a workshop, but the most common is due to a large amount of content being delivered and where face-to-face participation is required to gain the appropriate experience required to provide a service e.g. The Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician (PACT) training workshops.