Employer Obligations

An intern pharmacist position is a paid position. Interns are employees and therefore must have a valid employment contract. Under the Employment Contracts Act, there is no recommended salary for interns. Interns in 2021 were paid between $20.00 and $25.00 per hour. Intern programme fees are the responsibility of the intern, however many employers negotiate a salary package with the intern that includes payment of the Programme fee on their behalf. This fee is tax deductible.

The employer must comply with the PSNZ Quality Standards for Intern Training and meet the minimum standards. Employers are obliged to:

  • Have the current recommended reference material and resources required to meet the Quality in Pharmacy Standards. These must be available for the intern to use.
  • Provide the intern with the opportunity and experience to become competent in all the Competence Standards set by the Pharmacy Council.
  • Allow the Intern to attend all EVOLVE Training Days. These days are to be treated as normal hours of work for the intern which are paid by the Employer.
  • Notify EVOLVE of any cumulative leave the intern has taken in excess of 10 days, whether it's sick leave, annual leave or any other leave.
  • Ensure that all sites the intern pharmacist works in are training sites approved by PSNZ. In cases of changes in pharmacy ownership or new pharmacies, additional checks will be required. 
  • Ensure all intern pharmacists have a preceptor pharmacist approved by PSNZ.
  • Comply with all relevant EVOLVE ITP policies

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