Steps to entry


Step 1: Contact the Pharmacy Council of NZ

If you haven’t already done so, contact the Pharmacy Council of NZ to advise them you are wanting to register as a pharmacist in NZ. Complete the requirements of the Pharmacy Council.

Step 2: Secure an Intern Training Site

Once you have completed all Pharmacy Council requirements, start looking for an intern training site. You will need to approach pharmacies and apply for an internship position. Your training site and preceptor will need to be approved by the EVOLVE Programme and your preceptor will attend training in February, if they have not already done so. Once you have secured a site, contact the EVOLVE Programme via email to advise you have a training site and will be entering the EVOLVE Programme.

Step 3A: Register in the Intern Scope of Practice with the Pharmacy Council 

Once you have completed the Pharmacy Council requirements, you will need to apply for an APC in the Intern Scope of Practice with the Pharmacy Council.  The earliest date APC’s can be issued is mid-December.

Step 3B: Register with the EVOLVE Programme

One you have emailed EVOLVE; we will then send you information on enrolling in the Programme. Please ensure you read all instructions carefully and complete all requirements. Applications close at 4pm on Friday 19th January 2024. We will accept late enrolments up until 4pm Thursday 25th January 2024, however these enrolments will incur an extra $200 administration fee.
Do not wait until you have your APC – enrol in the EVOLVE Programme as soon as you receive enrolment details.

Step 4: Start Working at your Site

All interns must be working in their sites by 1st February 2024 at the latest. However, the programme strongly  encourages all interns to commence work as soon as possible and anticipate that the majority will have their APCs issued and commence working in their sites during December 2023. You are able to count your hours of supervised practice as of
10th January 2024, only if you have your APC, your site is an approved intern training site, you are working on an intern pharmacist employment contract and your enrolment in the EVOLVE Programme is complete.

Step 5: Programme Enrolment Confirmation

The Pharmacy Council will advise the EVOLVE Programme when they have issued your APC. Once we have received that confirmation, we will then confirm your place in the programme.

Step 6: Access to the EVOLVE Programme via MyLearning

Just prior to the programme officially beginning on the 1st of February, you will be emailed details on how to access MyLearning, the learning management system used to deliver and support your learning.

For further information on the EVOLVE Programme, please contact one of the team at

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