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Employers together with their intern pharmacist and preceptor pharmacist enter a four way training agreement with the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. This reflects the role of the employer in the interns year and ensures that all parties work together towards the intern pharmacist gaining competence to become a registered pharmacist.

Benefits of taking an intern:

  • Learning with and from your intern.
  • Sharing recent up to date clinical knowledge and changes in pharmacy.
  • Fresh ideas to stimulate your team.
  • Diversifying your skills with training in Workplace Teaching and Assessment.
  • Satisfaction of contributing to the ongoing development of the profession.
  • A solution to your staffing needs – training a future pharmacist for your pharmacy.

The EVOLVE Intern Programme receives some government funding to assist preceptors in training New Zealand graduate interns. These are dispersed as monthly payments to the employers in recognition of the time spent training an intern.

There are several conditions around the payments:

  • The preceptor must have completed preceptor training and passed the post workshop assessment;
  • The preceptor must spend two hours per week with the intern in one-on-one training;
  • The intern is a graduate of a New Zealand university (overseas graduates are not entitled to this funding);
  • The intern is a New Zealand resident;
  • The intern is in their first year of the EVOLVE Intern Programme.

All intern pharmacists that enrol in the EVOLVE Intern Training Programme pay a programme fee. The programme fee covers all costs of the training programme, including attendance at and travel to and from training days and Assessment Centre. More information on fees can be found here.   

Intern Site Information

Any employer wanting to take on an intern must ensure their training site meets the requirements of the Pharmacy Council and the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. All training sites must offer a range of services to enable interns to develop competence in all areas of the Pharmacy Council's Competence Standards. 

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