The primary place to find the most up to date information for New Zealanders including all health professionals is the Ministry of Health website.

Pharmacy-specific COVID-19 resources will be posted in this section of our website.

Pharmacy Poster

We have developed a poster that you can put up outside the pharmacy or at the entry to remind people not to enter if they may have symptoms of COVID-19. The poster suggests that such patients either phone the special Healthline number if they have questions about COVID-19 or phone the pharmacy if they need to arrange something with you directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Practice Team have developed answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions they have received from members.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please e-mail your question to If you don't get a reply, please know we are reading every message and working hard to find the answers for you.

COVID-19 practice update emails

27 March - MOH update, Medsafe Update, Medicines & COVID-19

26 March - Pharmacy Update: Remote prescribing, PPE, Stat dispensing, IMAC, security

24 March - Pharmacy Practice: Moving towards level 4

24 March - Urgent Advisory Notice

20 March - Pharmacy Service Provision during COVID-19 Pandemic

19 March - Update to close contact definition, triage flow chart, medicines supply

18 March - Managing access into the pharmacy

16 March - COVID-19 current case definition updated

13 March - Face masks and other personal protective equipment

10 March - Advice for the public and health professionals

6 March - Poster for use in pharmacies