Aki Hauora Maori language app

Aki Hauora app is a fun, easy to use game app and learning tool to teach health professionals to learn health-related te reo Māori terms. It is useful if you want to expand your knowledge of te reo so you can understand more language that a Māori patient may use, such as names for body parts or conditions, without needing to ask for a translation.

The idea of the interactive game is that you start in your waka at the bottom of the country at Rakiura (Stewart Island) and paddle your way up the country by successfully answering enough questions at each increasingly complex level to progress to the next landmark. Get too many questions wrong and you will be swallowed by a taniwha (water monster) and have to start that level again. The first stages of the game begin with easier words relevant to people’s health such as kai (food), pakaru (broken) and moe (sleep). Later stages test players on less common words including disease names such as mate pukupuku (cancer) and mate pāpōuri (depression).

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