The review process

This page contains information on:

How you are selected for review

What we (ENHANCE) do

Preliminary review

Quality review

Review for groups 1 and 2

Review for group 3


How you are selected

We generate a random PSNZ membership number using which allows a value to be produced from a specified minimum and maximum value.To ensure we cover the full rage of the Practising Register, we select values within set parameters.

We check that the PSNZ number that has been generated belongs to a pharmacist who holds a current APC.

You’ll receive an initial email, telling you that you have been selected for review and that you don’t need to worry! This email includes the timeline you can expect to hear from us.

What we (ENHANCE) do

    1. Preliminary review

    We filter your entries into individual years and check that there are no double entries and/or group 1 and 2 points allocated for the same learning, and that the entries appear to be reasonable to be included as part of a pharmacist’s continuing education.

    We also check that the entries are about learning, rather than managing processes or writing SOPs etc.

    2. Quality review

    We select a sample of your records from the last 12 – 18 months for detailed feedback – usually up to 5 group 1 and/or 2 entries, one Group 3 goal and 1 RA entry may be included.

    Review for Groups 1 and 2

    We evaluate your records against the Pharmacy Council Framework ( Section 1.4) documentation requirements to confirm that:

    • Category is reasonably appropriate
    • Group and points are appropriate and reasonable for activity
    • Minimum required details for each entry are included eg name of activity, name of presenter/author & their credentials, sufficient detail about source of learning
    • Content of learning is “of an appropriate educational or practical standard directly related to the professional practice of pharmacy.”
    • Author and credentials are appropriate for professional learning (ie any learning material is delivered or authored by people who are qualified and have suitable practical or academic experience in the topic(s) presented.)
    • Reason for completing activity is appropriate
    • Summary of main learning points - includes brief summary of topics covered – a copy of stated learning objectives is acceptable.
    • General competencies and cultural competencies allocated are appropriate.
    • Impact on Practice is completed
    • Group 2 – assessment criteria is documented and the proof of assessment uploaded is appropriate and acceptable.

    Our feedback for each entry will be specific to that entry, although we will make additional general comments if it appears that our feedback is relevant to more than one entry. We then send you an email with our feedback. See Feedback section below for more information.

Review for group 3

For group 3, you need to identify why you need to learn something, what you’ve learnt and how that has influenced and improved how you work. There is always an allowance for your personal, professional assessment of what is a significant learning goal for you. A ‘significant’ goal for one pharmacist might be routine to another. You can find more information about this from the Group 3 pages of the ENHANCE Programme Guide and by applying the options provided in the LIFT Tool.

There’s no hard and fast rule or algorithm to apply, it is a decision you make together with your learning partner put into context with your individual practice and where and how you work.

Step 1 - Reflection

Step 2 - Planning

Step 3- Action

Step 4- Outcomes