So what does this actually mean for you?

ENHANCE is about learning – and specifically learning that enables you to do a better job as a pharmacist. Therefore any learning documented MUST be related to the professional practice of pharmacy AND at an academic level that is appropriate for this. It means that:

  • Learning aimed at retail staff is not appropriate (especially for group 2 points).
  • If you document product training as part of your ENHANCE, you need to explain why it is appropriate for you as a pharmacist (and this is more than just “new product available’). What have you learnt that makes you a better pharmacist rather than being able to sell a product more efficiently?
  • If you document learning related to a business role, you need to be able to relate this directly back to a Competence Standard, AND you need to explain how it relates to your professional role.
  • You may need to write an explanation about your learning (in the ‘Why you decided to do this learning’ box) to justify including it in your ENHANCE records.
  • You need to think about what (and why) you’re documenting – it’s not only about the points!!

It also means that you have to document enough detail to assist in demonstrating the quality of your learning - Minimum details required for records are:

  • Provider and course name AND
  • Name of presenter & credentials AND if
  • Journal or newsletter article include journal name, article title, date, page numbers etc.;or web address and date if accessed online