Your quality review

As part of our commitment to quality assurance for the ENHANCE programme, we review a random selection of pharmacist’s records for quality of content and documentation. We aim to include between 5 – 10% of the Practising Register each recertification year.

This is NOT a formal Pharmacy Council Quality Review, rather that going forward, you are aware of what is expected to ensure your current and future records will meet the standard required for Pharmacy Council Quality Audit.

Our comments are not exhaustive or necessarily specific but intended to guide you towards the minimum expectations. Our feedback will only cover a selected sample of your records (one Group 3 goal, up to 5 group 1 or 2 entries, 1 RA entry may be included).


It is expected that the content of all your learning activities is of an appropriate educational or practical standard directly related to the professional practice of pharmacy, and that any learning material is delivered or authored by people who are qualified and have suitable practical or academic experience in the topic(s) presented.

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The review process

Our review of your records is intended to be a positive experience for you – we are not out to ‘get you’ or report you to the Council. We are only interested on providing support to enable you to confidently meet all aspects of Pharmacy Council recertification requirements, for the content and documentation of your learning.

Our review has several steps - read more about how you are selected and what the review covers......