Course Content updates

This page contains links to course updates as they are published.  These updates are also reflected in the training modules available from the PSNZ Learning Management System.

New Guidelines for the treatment of Adult and Child Asthma August 2020

College hosted a webinar with Buzz Burrell. CLICK HERE (coming soon!) to enrol for the webinar.

The new guidelines and a summary of the changes follow:

Stroke Prevention and Management Webinar (2018) reviewed August 2020

  • Dabagatrin now has a reversal agent (Idarucizumab)
  • Guidelines for management of bleeding with dabigatran or rivaroxaban
  • Rivaroxaban-associated bleeding
  • some NZ hospitals have switched from Alteplase to Tenecteplase (TNK) for stroke thrombolysis
    to open a summary of the updates

Maviret Course update June 2020

  • Abbvie notice - new 8 week treatment duration for treatment naive, compensated cirrhotic patients (GT 1,2,4,5,6)
    This is the same notice sent in May 2020 to all pharmacies registered by Abbvie to dispense Maviret
  • Medsafe data sheet - updated April 2020
  • Maviret Training course - updates and changes to original course summarised and highlighted.

Clozapine Course update June 2020