EVOLVE Programme Overview


Interns are supervised by preceptor pharmacists and assessed to Pharmacy Council of New Zealand Competence Standards during their Intern year.

An intern in the programme must be employed by an approved community or hospital pharmacy and their training during the programme is supervised by a qualified preceptor pharmacist.

Key information for interns undertaking the EVOLVE programme

Applications open Monday 28th of October 2019 and close Tuesday 28th January 2020.

- The programme runs 1 February to 7th of November each year.

- The programme must be completed within 2 years of gaining a B.Pharm.

- Minimum of 1450 hours of supervised practice required. Supervised practice hours can be recorded from 10th of Janaury, so long as the intern holds an APC.

- Minimum of 40 hours and a maximum of 84 hours per fortnight of supervised practice can be accrued.

- You must be working in an approved site under an approved preceptor pharmacy.

- Interns are assessed against PCNZ Competence Standards.

- The programme content is delivered online

- Interns attend two sets of three face to face Training Day workshops

The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand expects all intern pharmacists to continue to work in their intern training site until their registration results are confirmed, which is mid-December of the year of the programme.

Achieving Competency: The EVOLVE programme, and preceptor guided workplace training help develop the intern's competency.

Assessments are based on evidence gathered during the year, including on-the-job appraisals and written assignments and portfolios.

Preceptors assist interns to achieve competence.

Preceptors assist their interns by providing appropriate resources and guidance to meet the standards. Of the three appraisals during the year, two are formative and the final one is a summative assessment. The assessments during the programme help guide the focus of future learning and form a base for feedback to the intern on how they are progressing.