Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians

PACT Training Programme

The PACT Training Programme is available through the College, Education and Training, at PSNZ.

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PACT Pilot Project

General Information for employers, managers and PACT Preceptors

General Information for technicians interested in becoming a PACT

New Zealand Framework for Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians

PACT Application form

(For any pharmacist intending to become a PACT Preceptor please note that you are unable to concurrently be an intern preceptor or a supervising pharmacist for trainee technicians).

2017 Training courses

March-- fully subscribed
July - fully subscribed
October - applications closed 24 July 2017

Workshop dates for those accepted into Cohort 4 (October) are:

PACT Preceptors - Tuesday 17th October 2017
PACT Trainees - Wednesday 18th October 2017


Dates to be released 2018.

Feedback from Auckland City Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy who has a qualified PACT from the pilot project - August 2016.

From your experience, what are the benefits of having a PACT on staff?

Pharmacists could be released to work on the wards. Being familiar with dispensing and with processes makes the PACT efficient as a checker. The PACT inspired other technicians towards taking on this new role which is great for career development.

Can you share some examples of how having a PACT has benefited your patients?

Mainly, having a PACT has meant that pharmacists who would have been working in the dispensary could now shift their focus towards providing clinical services on the wards and provide a better patient centred service.

Can you share examples of how having a PACT has benefitted the pharmacy?

It has created a career pathway for future technicians. The dispensary can aim towards becoming technician run.

What advice would you give pharmacists who are considering training or hiring a PACT?

This is a great opportunity to be involved in the development of future roles for technicians.

It allows pharmacists to focus on the clinical aspects of their role and provide better and more diverse patient care.

What would pharmacy owners/department managers need to think about before deciding to train a PACT?

Look at workflow processes for dispensing as charts have to be clinically screened by a pharmacist before dispensing can proceed and all PACT checked charts must be pre-screened by a pharmacist.

Consider staffing resource to backfill while a technician is in training.

Create a business case showing how initial support will benefit in the long run.

What advice would you give technicians wanting to become a PACT?

This is a great career progression opportunity. Take the role with a positive approach and recognise the responsibility that goes along with it.

Be well organised and manage your time effectively.

Go on courses (if you need it) that help with identifying communication styles and how to make communication effective.

Always work with the patient in mind—“do no harm”