Preceptor requirements and obligations

Preceptor requirements

A preceptor is a New Zealand registered pharmacist, who holds a current annual practising certificate without any conditions or interim conditions attached. They have to meet certain requirements as set by the Pharmacy Council:

- They must have had a minimum of three years post-registration experience in pharmacy. In the case of a pharmacist previously registered in a country outside New Zealand, at least one year of this experience must be subsequent to registration in New Zealand.

-They cannot be under review for competence, health or conduct unless approved by Council or a delegated Committee.

- They cannot have been found guilty of a charge brought under a disciplinary action within the preceding five years of applying to be a preceptor.

- They cannot have been the subject of a major complaint or a series of minor complaints within the preceding five years of applying to be a preceptor.

- They must be actively undertaking Continuing Professional Development (ENHANCE).

To be a preceptor you must have undertaken the prescribed preceptor training. More details of the preceptor training can be found here.


- Work on monthly goals and training plans together

- Teach the intern skills so that the intern can work at the level of competence expected of a pharmacist

- Provide timely feedback to the intern in regards to their progress towards the Competence Standards

- Carry out and review assessments and assignments

- Review the interns evidence portfolio and the monthly goals

- Providing opportunities for the intern to become competent in all the Competence Standards

- Supervising the intern for a minimum of three full days per week.

- Provide a minimum of 2 hours per week, or 8 hours per month, one on one time with the intern.

- Maintaining contact with EVOLVE especially if the preceptor has any concerns regarding the intern's progress towards completing the programme.

If the preceptor is going to be absent from the pharmacy for more than four weeks, they must let EVOLVE know and make arrangements to ensure the intern’s training can continue unaffected

No more than two interns can be supervised by any one preceptor. This is irrespective of the number of technicians being trained at the site.