About Pharmacy Self Care

Welcome to Pharmacy Self care

Pharmacy Self Care was introduced in New Zealand in 1992.

Since its introduction, the programme has expanded to include online learning modules for education of pharmacists as well as pharmacy technicians and assistants.

Primarily, Pharmacy Self Care is a health information and education programme for the public designed specially for delivery through pharmacies. It aims to highlight the role of pharmacists in primary health care, particularly in the area of quality use of medicines.

The programme also recognises the importance of all pharmacy staff working together as a team to promote the pharmacy as a centre for health information.

Pharmacy Self Care Goals:

  • To use pharmacys unique position to improve community access to quality health information, increase consumers' health awareness and encourage active involvement in their own health care
  • To provide topical and applied continuing education options to all pharmacy staff
  • To provide pharmacies with the opportunity to be recognised as primary centres for health information and advice
  • To establish close working relationships with the purchasers/providers of health services and other public/private health agencies and present pharmacy as an essential resource to achieving their health goals
  • To improve pharmacys performance through raising pharmacists' profile and marketing the professional aspects of pharmacy practice