Welcome to ENHANCE

What is ENHANCE?

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 requires pharmacists to have a mechanism to demonstrate that they are competent and fit to practise.

ENHANCE, the Society's professional development programme approved by the Pharmacy Council of NZ, provides the mechanism for you to demonstrate that you are maintaining your ongoing competence to practise and enables you to meet your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) requirements, in whatever area of pharmacy you work in.


Professional Development ensures that both you and your patients or your service benefit from your experiences on an ongoing basis.The important thing is that your CPD is relevant to your area of practice and that it reflects the work you do as a pharmacist.

So for example, a community pharmacist's CPD record is likely to contain entries about clinical issues, public health issues, prescription and over the counter medicines. A superintendent's record might reflect managing, coaching or training skills that are being developed. A hospital pharmacist's record might include entries about antibiotic stewardship; clinical audits; conferences attended. An industrial pharmacist’s CPD record should reflect the learning required for that sector of practice, with perhaps more focus on regulatory requirements or new technology. If you have more than one role, your CPD record should reflect pharmacy practice across all of the sectors in which you work.

ENHANCE Programme Structure

Our main focus will always be providing you personalised professional support tailored to your situation.

Our Vision

Every practising New Zealand pharmacist is actively engaged in meaningful lifelong learning

Our Values

INSPIRE Positively engage pharmacists in the process of lifelong learning

ESTABLISH Create communities of practice and learning

EMPOWER Minimise barriers and constraints to engagement and participation

ENABLE Facilitate change towards self directed responsible learning, and foster internal motivation to learn

ENCOURAGE Actively manage the ENHANCE programme to ensure continuous quality improvement

The ENHANCE Programme Structure document provides a summary of the Recertification Framework and what is required of pharmacists to complete their recertification requirements.