Benefits and Options of membership

The Society provides you with a pathway to professional excellence through our range of services.

Being part of the organisation that provides:


Allows you to manage your annual practising certificate requirements through this approved programme.


Provides practical clinical and regulatory advice on the issues you face in your practice every day. Help is just a phone call away and the Practice e-Handbook contains a wealth of information.

Information Resources

Clinical resources immediately available to you online to support your practice plus access to the Pharmaceutical Press (UK) publications and the full College Resource Shop.


Latest education and training to enable you to maintain your professional edge. Continuing education linked to your CPD and the ENHANCE recertification programme. Specialised training and accreditation for specialised services MUR and MTA as well as Trimethoprim, CPAMS and ECP.

Pharmacy Self Care

A patient focused health information programme developed by New Zealand pharmacists. It reinforces the information and counselling offered to your customers and supports product sales in-store. It includes fact cards on over 40 health conditions, a free display stand and an online inPHARMation training programme for all pharmacists and pharmacy staff.


Future proofing the profession politically and enabling you to work in new, innovative and interesting ways

Regional Symposia

An annual series of a one day clinical and preferred learning programme delivered in three or four different regions of New Zealand. Members attend for a nominal price.


The Intern Training Programme that manages the future of the profession and interns’ transition into practice by placing 200 interns each year and managing their learning.